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 Addiction medicine

With over 30 years in practice, Christopher L. Jenkins, M.D. and staff serve to provide the highest quality patient care in general psychiatric services and treatment for addiction. Our private practice is always working to keep updated on new treatment methods and Dr. Jenkins listens to his patients. The primary goal is always the patient's long term success.

As we are now keenly aware, substance abuse has become a serious issue for our current society.  Christopher L. Jenkins, M.D. has extensive experience in the field of addiction medicine and was one of the first on the Gulf Coast to adapt a treatment environment.  Staying on the pulse of modern technology, the practice also has the benefit of telemedicine platform so that you have the ability to visit with the psychiatrist over secure, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing.  You will receive the same level of care while operating on your own schedule.  For those who wish to see the doctor in the office, we are still available during the week Monday - Wednesday.

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Mobile, Alabama



Addiction medicine

We have now seen the world of dangers in prescription pain medication and how it has led to the ever-growing opioid crisis. We will work together to get a treatment plan that works best for the patient on the road to recovery.  Treatment takes time and we believe in the use of buprenorphine & naloxone as an effective pharmaceutical combination for opioid addiction in combination with consistent monitoring and maintenance.  


We offer a broad range of psychiatric experience including evaluation and if applicable, development of a pharmacological treatment plan. General adolescent and adult psychiatry includes treatment of post traumatic stress disorder, issues with community and society, eating disorders, schizophrenia, personality & mood disorders.

attention deficit

With a world of constant distractions, it is estimated that more than 8 million adults in the US struggle with feeling symptoms of attention deficit disorder. Our practice seeks to aide in the prevention of the disturbance caused by untreated symptoms that can impact many areas of your life including your work, personal and professional relationships, your mental and physical health and your financial stability.